“Educate and instruct young people with active and creative minds”

La Estancia School

Our Philosophy

La Estancia School provides its students with a cozy environment where they can feel safe and trusting, through affectionate and stimulating instances that promote their own personal identity.

We explore all possibilities, provided with a social and cultural curriculum and with an up to date computer education, enriched musical knowledge, and a complete sports program. Thus providing a high level of academic and human excellence which allows our students to insert themselves in a responsible and creative way into the society they must live in.

About Us

On February 11, 1984 La Estancia School became fully operational in its first facilities located in Barrio La Granja.

This establishment became consolidated in short term as an institute of excellence, acquiring solid prestige with a growing acceptance from Tegucigalpa’s student community. This has led it to currently have top notch staff and infrastructure.

Our Mission

Our mission is to educate and instruct young people with active and creative minds in order to emphasize their citizen responsibilities. We stress the total development of each child in their spiritual and Christian aspects. We also provide highest quality educational opportunities within a technological nurturing environment that expects students to develop these attributes creating excellence in all endeavors, self-discipline, tolerance, creativity, responsibility, a spirit of inquiry, and a clear sense of citizenship.

Our Mascot

Our mascot is an alligator called Jack and his partner in crime Jacky. Ferocious and powerful, alligators command a healthy respect from those who foolishly venture into their terrain. Jack and Jacky bring these ferocious predators from the swamplands and oceans of the world to our school with style. They are sure to put the student body in an animated mood while raising the blue and gold school spirit.

Our Cafeteria

Our cafeteria serves a hot dish meal daily, made from scratch for lunch (i.e. Fettuccini Alfredo, Beef Soup, or Chicken with mashed potatoes and salad) as well as other items such as vegetables, salad, and fresh fruit, that is changed monthly. You may also enjoy finger foods (i.e. Hamburgers, Tacos, and Calzones) also made fresh every day. There is an abundance of healthy choices. For breakfast you may choose from the cereal bar, yogurt, “baleadas” and other typical Honduran dishes. The cafeteria is more of a complete lunchroom experience than solely about food, it is a place for students to relax, watch TV and unwind before heading back to class.