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These years are vital for the development of a number of ethic stances that students may take and might be tested later in life.

When our students find themselves in a decision making position they are able to draw from a solid base of sound ethics.



For La Estancia School our mission doesn’t end when students graduate thus we provide vocational guidance. Vocational guidance assists students in choosing a career or profession. MORE



At La Estancia School we know that Computer Science Education is important to today’s modern, digital society and that it’s field is one of the fastest growing and highest paying career paths in the world. MORE



By the time students reach high school, music is a big part of their lives. Students have made a choice between the school’s band or the guitar ensemble. By this time a lifetime of music has reaped in the benefits. MORE


Tenth Grade

Tenth grade is the year to focus on academics while being able to balance sports and extracurricular activities and enjoying the best part of being a teenager. A major milestone of 10th grade is the PSAT, precursor to the big college admissions exams.

In tenth grade students will continue to shape their reading level and literacy skills. They will be learning and practicing important skills such as citing their own evidence, outlining arguments, and researching their own papers. Their ability to read more difficult texts across a variety of genres increases, as does their vocabulary.

Physics, Chemistry and Biology are taught in an engaging manner yet students need to integrate their math skills. In tenth grade math students have Geometry II, Trigonometry and getting closer to mid-year they delve into Pre-Calculus. Tenth grade is the most rigorous grade and students have to learn to balance the academic load with their social life.

High School_Eleventh Grade

Eleventh Grade

And now, it’s senior year. Commencement celebrations start on the first day back with the SENIOR entrance but even if “it’s the most fun year ever”, eleventh grade is also a time to get serious. English courses prepare students for the world that lies beyond high school. Through the evaluation and composition of literature, students further develop their comprehension and communication skills.

Critical reading, analysis, essay writing and note-taking all serve to help students with their college application essays, in college as well as in their professional jobs. In eleventh grade students continue to build upon tenth grade Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Pre-Calculus. Seniors may opt for advance math and take Calculus. Eleventh graders leave La Estancia School armed with the tools to succeed in life, knowing that this school will forever be their second home.

Future Leaders Members Only


What better than a psychologist who is also their teacher and shares the day to day experiences and is able to see their personalities and skills to find a good fit for them. This class is taken in tenth grade and continue in eleventh grade as Orientation to a Higher Education.

For the Senior class it is important to know the terminology that will be needed throughout their application, registration, and orientation process in order to understand their college experience and make the best choices. Besides these classes at La Estancia School students may rely in a guidance and counseling department made up by an expert team of psychologists.


That is why we believe in exposing students to technology and resources and encourage them to explore the world of computer science. The High School course provides Computer skills key to 21st century literacy. Students will expand their knowledge to computer networks and how data is transferred securely through encryption.

This course also offers an introduction to algorithms and how they are used in problem solving. In addition, this course is focused on exposing the learners to a wide range of applications to solve different type of problems. Ethical behaviors and good manners when using information from networked sources, while also upholding the principles of intellectual property are woven throughout the course.


Music education has motivated students to become healthy, valuable, contributing members of society, a component of the high school curriculum. To belong to this micro-culture that is the music room students need to be disciplined. Students must be engaged and committed, they walk in after school, put their digital devices away and take out their instruments.

Many of these students are also part of a sport team, math team, STUCO, special interest group while achieving good grades. It is no surprise to walk in and see all the different team uniforms, different personalities, and unique looks, but once they all come together to play music the audience is in awe.

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