Noah’s Ark Convention Center, is Doña Gloria Alvarez de Corrales vision transferred into reality, like most of every aspect and detail of La Estancia School.

The School is proud to boast yet another fine gathering hall to accommodate its student body. The particular name of the building has a history tracing back to the school’s origin, and who better to narrate it than ‘Abuelita’ Gloria.

“In 1984 , I walked around the property of what is today La Estancia School, and found myself standing upon a rock on its highest point. From there I could see La Basilica de Suyapa, and still uncertain of the proper location for my dream school, I prayed to the Virgin Mary to aid me in making the right choice. As I continued to look around, I noticed the land around the rock was shaped somewhat like an Ark. Inspired by such resemblance, I began to envision what would one day become Noah’s Ark Convention Center, a gathering space for all students and members of La Estancia School. ”

The Noah’s Ark Convention Center integrates contemporary needs with regional architecture. With a 180 degree view of Tegucigalpa, the center includes a multipurpose-hall with the capacity to accommodate 1,200 seated individuals, a large exterior terrace, bathroom facilities, and a state-of-the-art industrial kitchen.

The latest environmental design techniques were used to increase the efficiency and sustainability of the building. A special filter on the glass door panels allows light to come through while blocking heat into the room, thus protecting our environment by needing less electricity to cool. The sensor-operated lavatories and bathrooms reduce the amount of water wasted.

The Convention Center has a complex lighting system that can be manually or electronically controlled to create various ambiences and it may be timed to go on and off at any particular instance. The sound system includes JBL speakers throughout the building and a Sound Control Room.

Noah’s Ark Convention Center celebrates Honduran craftsmanship and materials and meets high standards of technology. The natural rock adorning the exterior facades was extracted and carved on site by local workers.

The center’s imposing doors were specifically carved from Honduran Mahogany, while its door handles are made of Honduran pewter. All in all, the Noah’s Ark Convention Center is a multi-purpose gathering hall that members of La Estancia School enjoy and benefit from.